fiber optic


5x-20x SPEED


Unlimited Data Usage



Available only in AEBC Fiber Connected Buildings

Fiber Internet is delivered on an Ethernet port with no static IPs and modem required. Upload and download speed are the same speed, this means super high speed upload and download suitable for large file transfers. AEBC Fiber Optic Internet provides you ultra reliable internet access at speed up to 20x – 100x faster than DSL and Cable internet. Try our 100Mbps to 10Gbps fiber to experience the difference..

fiber optic

NO Contracts

The ultimate flexibility with month-to-month service, and our single-day cancellation policy.

NO Data Limits

Unlimited data transfer for residential usage, with NO hidden fees!

NO Installation Fee

Installation Fee is FREE.

FIBER TERMS AND CONDITIONS: *Terms and Conditions: Offer limited to specific AEBC Fiber Optic Buildings, and may expire anytime without notice. 1,000Mbps service is maximum upload and download speed available, but may vary depending on customer equipment, website access speed, or local network congestion. Unlimited data limits for regular residential use only and subject to AEBC’s final decision on abuse. This promo may not be used with any other promo or discount. 18 month term promo: Early cancellation fee of $10 per month remaining on term will be billed immediately upon cancellation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the upload speed? Fiber connections have the same upload speed and download speed. For 100mbps connections, you receive 100mbps up and down streams.

Is this offer for business too? No, these prices are for residential use only. Any commercial use is subject to additional usage billing.

Do i need a modem with Fiber internet? No, a modem is not required. You will have a CAT-5 wall jack to plugin to, or in some cases a piece of AEBC equipment required for building wiring conversion.

Besides download and upload speed, what are the other benefits of Fiber Optic Internet? Fiber optic internet is the raw, direct connection to the internet backbone typically used by the telecom industry, government and big business. It is highly stable, extremely fast, and will typically have much less latency than other internet connections.

up to 20x faster SPEED

6 Mbps ADSL
15 Mbps VDSL
30 Mbps Cable
100 Mbps Fiber