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Vilo WiFi Mesh System

Technology | Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi System Let’s face it, a year of working from home and remote learning was a real stress test for our home Wi-Fi. When coping strategies like turning off the video during a Zoom call or pacing around our home for the best connection no longer worked, some of us scrambled to add range extenders/boosters/repeaters in hopes of amplifying the Wi-Fi signal.

Vilo WiiFI Mesh Features5

We’ve Got You Covered

Say goodbye to dead zones. With the Vilo mesh Wi-Fi system, we’ve got your entire home covered in fast and reliable internet.

Vilo is scalable too. You can add as many Vilos as your heart desires. That cozy nook in your basement with spotty Wi-Fi signals? Covered!

You Can Do It All

We get it. These days it seems like every new product requires Internet connection in one way or another. Doorbell cameras, smart switches, thermostats… you name it. But worry no more. A Vilo 3-pack can connect up to 120 devices, so no one has to fight over bandwidth in your household, period.

Vilo WiiFI Mesh Features2
Vilo WiiFI Mesh Features3

Setup In 5 Minutes

Setting up Vilo is a breeze. Get your whole home system set up and running in just minutes, and no technical expertise is required.

  • Download the Vilo App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Plug in any of your Vilos as the main router. They all work. (Other brands need you to tell apart the main router from “points” or “satellites”. Sounds confusing to us.)
  • Follow the in-app instructions and enjoy your new Wi-Fi network immediately.
  • Setting up additional Vilos is as easy as plugging them into a wall outlet. No need to configure them in the App.



Control What Matters

The Vilo app allows you to easily control your Wi-Fi network right from your phone.

  • Set up a guest network.
    • Create a guest network to share with friends and family. With the option to set network duration, you don’t have to remember to turn it off.
  • Parental controls
  • Manage all your devices
  • View data usage
  • Check network status
Vilo WiiFI Mesh Features4
Vilo WiiFI Mesh Features6

Your Security Is Assured

Advanced Encryption

Wi-Fi security with AES-128 encryption and cloud data with AES-256 encryption provide you and your family with the utmost peace of mind.

Device Alert

Get instant alerts when unrecognized devices attempt to connect to your home network.

Content Blocking

Protect your kids from exposure to inappropriate content by blocking unwanted websites through Parental Controls.

CipherTV QAM Pricing





Tax and Shipping Fee




Tax and Shipping Fee

Technical Specifications

Wi-Fi Standard



4 Internal antennas

Wi-Fi Frequency

Simultaneous dual band (2.4 GHz /5 GHz)

System Requirements

iOS 9.0 or later Android 8.0 or later

Wi-Fi Speed

AC1200 (300 Mbps on 2.4 GHz; 867 Mbps on 5 GHz)



Wi-Fi Coverage

Up to 1,500 sq. ft. per unit (or up to 4,500 sq. ft. with a 3-pack)



Advanced Technology

MU-MIMOBeamforming Proactive band steering

Net Weight

0.7 lb (319 g)

Security Protocol



12W power adapter


1 GHz


12W power adapter


128 MB RAM, 16 MB NOR flash


3 Gigabit Ethernet ports

What’s In the Box


  • 1 Vilo mesh Wi-Fi router
  • 1 power adapter
  • 1 Quick Start Guide


Vilo Specifications



Does Vilo work with my current home Internet setup?

Vilo works with your existing Internet Service Provider (ISP) and modem to create a mesh Wi-Fi network that blankets your home with enhanced Wi-Fi signal.

Does Vilo replace my modem or router?

Vilo does not replace your modem; instead, it’s directly plugged into your modem to create a mesh network that provides better and more reliable Internet throughout your home. It does replace your existing router, but if you choose to you can use Vilo in conjunction with your current router setup.

Can I use Vilo as an extender?

Vilo cannot be used as an extender for your current router. It replaces your existing router with one or more mesh routers that provide fast and reliable Wi-Fi coverage for your home.

Do I need the single pack or 3-pack?

This depends on the size of your house. If your home is 1,500 sq. ft. or less, one Vilo will be enough. If you home is larger than 1,500 sq. ft., we recommend the 3-pack, which can cover up to 4,500 sq. ft. And if you home is larger than 4,500 square feet, you can add additional Vilos until you have enough to cover your desired space.

Is there a monthly fee to run my Vilo?

No, once you have purchased Vilo there are no other fees involved with running your Vilo(s).

How many Vilos can I have in my network?

Vilo is a scalable Wi-Fi system so there is no limit on the number of Vilos you can connect to your network. However, for optimal performance we recommend no more than 8 Vilos in your home network. A 3-pack can cover up to 4,500 sq. ft., which meets the needs of most users.

What do I need for setting up the Vilo system?

To set up your Vilo home network, you will need an Internet service with a working modem, and an area near that modem with a spare power outlet. If purchasing the single pack, you will need an extra Ethernet cable (the 3-pack comes with the Ethernet cable).

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