CipherTV Bulk TV

CipherTV brings the guest’s living room into your hotel. Improve your guest satisfaction and reduce your operational costs with CipherTV. With CipherTV IPTV platform, the hotels guests can use streaming services just as at home. It creates modern digital experiences for your guests and is compatible with all TV brands.

Single, Powerful Broadcasting System

Install CipherTV’s single or dual hardware into your telecommunications room to provide TV in your entire building.   Our device plugs directly into your COAX cable infrastructure, and each TV picks up signals by connecting to their individual COAX wall jack.   Each telecommunications room device can provide 50 HD channels within your building, and requires low power and a 200Mbps internet connection from (AEBC, CipherTV, a CipherKey Partner).


Connectivity Options

Our CipherTV Hotel service is available and runs optimal for all (AEBC, CipherTV, CipherKey) network customers. We can provide commercial fiber access, or bonded carrier cable / DSL access to your building for quality, high uptime service.

For buildings that are not connected to our network, or that do not have network capacity, we can provide a small satellite head-end installation. This installation would require a minimum of 2 satellite dishes on the roof and as many receivers as needed to receive your selected TV channels. The satellite system operates on its own, and would not be affected by any internet connection issues.

Other CipherTV Hotel Scenarios

In addition to providing hotels with a reliable TV option, our TV service and system can also be configured to serve other types of commercial use cases.   Our TV technology not only can broadcast over IP or COAX, but can also provide customers an ability to broadcast their own live channel or video-on-demand content to their community users.  Contact us for custom commercial TV solutions for:

  • Remote work camps
  • Hospital, long term care homes, prisons
  • Bulk condominium TV
  • Indigenious community TV
  • Internet service provider TV reseller
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