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A colocation or colo is a data center facility in which a business can rent space for servers and other computing hardware.

Typically, a colo provides the building, cooling, power, bandwidth and physical security while the customer provides servers and storage. Space in the facility is often leased by the rack, cabinet, cage or room. Many colos have extended their offerings to include managed services that support their customers’ business initiatives.

Our colocation services range from high-quality conditioned space, power and network access to managed colocation including security and data backup services.


Colocation Key Features

Secure and redundant
We operate our own AEBC colocation data centers, giving us full control: three levels of redundant power supply, biometric, security camera and maintenance four times annually.

Data sovereignty
As our data centers are all based in Canada rest assured that your data will reside securely in Canada and adheres to our strict data privacy laws.

 Proactive and Guaranteed
AEBC guarantees 99.9% power uptime and network access. When we perform maintenance and improvements we’ll make sure your servers are not affected, but still let you know that it’s happening.

Simple and transparent
AEBC offers free cross connect, transparent pricing, and bandwidth usage updates. So there are no surprises, and it’s as simple to manage your budget as it is to manage your servers.

Benefits of Colocation

✔  Network monitoring, resiliency, capacity and speed. Cooling, power

     and redundancy.

✔  Building and colocation cabinet security protocols.

✔  Environment scaling and space planning.

✔  Initial physical installation and cabling of hardware.

✔  Battery and generator backed up power.

✔  Periodic server reboots by our support staff as necessary and basic

     connectivity troubleshooting during regular business hours.

✔  Physical space as defined by the clients.

✔  Each rack unit includes cooling, remote controllable power outlet, and

     up to 5 amps of 120V AC electrical service.

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Business Internet

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Multi-Unit Residential

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Bonded Networks

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Private Networks

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