The Truth Behind High Speed Internet Plans

The Truth Behind High Speed Internet Plans

Internet service is composed of two key parts, latency and download rate A common misconception is that a higher download rate means faster internet – that a 300Mbps service is 12x faster than 25Mbps. A more accurate description is that a 300Mbps connection can handle 12x as many concurrent internet users as a 25Mbps connection.

Download Rate (ie. 25Mbps, 75Mbps, 300Mbps) – the CAPACITY of users that your connection can handle.

Latency (ie. 10ms, 30ms, 90ms) – the SPEED data travels on your internet connection from a particular website.

The speed of your connection (or latency) will change depending on which website or online service you are accessing and through which company connection. AEBC Internet has a robust network backbone built up over 15 years with direct, low-latency connections to the worlds top content sites, including Netix, Youtube, Google and many more.

Which Download Rate is right for me?

# of people in your house using internet at the same time
For basic email and web surfing5 Mbps10 Mbps15 Mbps
For online gaming, Youtube and file transfers10 Mbps25 Mbps50 Mbps
For 4K / HD streaming and heavy file sharing25 Mbps50 Mbps75 Mbps