Introducing FTTN Internet

fttn internet

Have you heard of Fiber-to-the-home internet?  It is fiber optic cable that uses the speed of light to make your internet faster and more reliable.

FTTN stands for Fiber-to-the-NODE internet, which means it is fiber optic cable into your neighbourhood, but your home is connected to it using existing phone lines.  This still is very fast and reliable, but limited in speed due based on how close your home is to the Fiber Optic Node.  Every home with phone access, or previous DSL internet access, now has FTTN internet.  Contact AEBC to find out which speed is available for your home.

FTTN vs. Cable Internet

Both technologies are very fast.  FTTN uses a dedicated phone line connection to the home, which has good and bad points.  The good – your internet has a stable speed and will not slow down due to heavy usage from your neighbours.  The bad – the top speed you can get will depend on how close your home address is to the Fiber Optic node.  FTTN also has additional ‘dry loop’ tariff fees that need to be paid to access the copper phone line from the telecommunications companies, whereas cable internet does not have this.

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