Refer A Friend To AEBC Internet And Be Rewarded $25 Each


Refer A Friend To AEBC Internet And Be Rewarded $25 Each

Do you know someone who could benefit from faster, more reliable home internet service?

Thanks to our customers’ existing trust and relationship, AEBC came up with ‘Give $25, Get $25 AEBC Credit’ refer a friend rewards program giving existing customers and their referrals $25 each.

When you refer a friend to AEBC and your friend signs up, get ready to feel the love, both of you get rewarded. We’ll give you and your friend a $25 reward.

The more friends you refer, the greater rewards will be! 


What is the referral credit reward for referring friends and how many can I refer?

For each new friend you refer to us, you and your referral will receive a $25 credit as rewards. You can refer as many friends as you like, it’s unlimited, so you can earn as many $25 rewards as you want. However, a referral can only be referred once.


Who is eligible to make referrals?

If you are an active AEBC customer, you can participate in the refer a friend program.  A referral program invitation email will be sent to all existing AEBC customers. Your own unique referral link will be indicated on the email for you to copy, paste and share to your referrals – colleagues, friends, family, etc. Your phone number will be used as your unique referral code.

You aren’t eligible to participate in the refer a friend credit rewards program if you are not an existing AEBC customer.


I have been an active AEBC customer for quite some time now, how come I didn’t receive any referral program invitation email from AEBC?


We are sorry if you may have not received your referral reward program invitation email. It’s possible that we don’t have your updated email address on file. To verify that we have your information on file up to date, you can call AEBC at 604-288-1081.


How do I refer people and what steps should they follow?

You can refer anyone who is not a currently subscribed to any of AEBC’s services. All you have to do is share your own unique referral link provided to you via email.

Your referral should accept or click on to your unique referral link and complete the order form. Your phone number is used as your referral code.

Should you or your friends wish to complete the order form via phone, you may choose to do so just by calling AEBC at 604-288-1081. Just make sure that your friend quotes your phone number as your referral code.


Will there be any conditions of getting the referral reward?

Yes, be a current AEBC subscriber who has an account that is in good standing – no past dues. A referral will no longer be valid if he or she has already signed up for AEBC and is waiting for installation right before the referral signs up the order fill up form.


 How will I be rewarded?

The credit is applied to your account and your referral’s account when your friend or referral remains active for at least 90 days after their account is activated. Also, the credit can’t be used toward past due balances.


How will you contact my referral?

An AEBC Sales Representative will contact your referral at the phone number and email provided on the fill up form.


Are credits or rewards redeemable for cash?

No. Rewards are not transferrable to another account, and cannot be redeemed for cash nor refunded. Your credits or rewards will be voided when you cancel your service.


My friend signed up for the service, 90 days has passed. How come I haven’t received my credit yet?

To verify your eligibility and status of your account or credit, contact AEBC at 604-288-1081.

Refer A Friend To AEBC Internet And Be Rewarded $25 Each
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Refer A Friend To AEBC Internet And Be Rewarded $25 Each
Refer friends and family and get account credit on internet, tv and phone services. Refer as many friends and family as you like, the savings are endless!
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