voip telnetphone

VoIP TelnetPhone

TelnetPhone harnesses the power of the Internet to create low cost phone lines to serve the Vancouver market. TelnetPhone lines cost about one-half to one-third of the cost of traditional phone line services.

VoIP TelnetPhone Plan

  • Unlimited Local Calls On-Net
  • No Contracts! Month to month plans
  • 24/7/365 Live Chat & Technical Support
  • Free Activation
  • Low International rates
  • Online access to pre-fill long distance account and set call option

$9.95 / Monthly

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Add Phone Line

add phone VoIP Line 2 + $5.00 /month - add voip line


add hardware VoIP Adapter + $74.95 One-time purchase (This hardware is required for this plan)


+Add TV Service

The CipherTV Home package is the best value in home entertainment with over 90 channels, and something to watch for everyone in the family. Add-on additional channels our Theme Packs or create your own Custom Pack.

$29.95 /Monthly
Requires: AEBC Internet service & CipherTV Bar


+Add Internet 6

$29.95 /Monthly

6Mbps VDSL is the most affordable high speed internet service. DSL provides reliable speed and our 6mbps service is great for apartments or light use.

Note: Modem is required on this plan!

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