AEBC Internet Corporation and Obelisk: Coquitlam Fiber Optic to the Home

Coquitlam, Canada, April 25, 2014 – AEBC is one of Western Canada’s fastest growing Internet Service Provider that offers Fiber Optic internet and TV to multi-unit residential buildings in Vancouver. Today, AEBC is pleased announced the successful installation of a complete Fiber Optic internet service to the Obelisk, located in Coquitlam’s City Center.

Through the agreement with the Obelisk strata council, AEBC has invested into building the Fiber Optic internet network inside the building, allowing over 280 residential units to access hundreds of IPTV channels and internet speeds at 5-20x faster than typical providers.  This agreement positions the Obelisk at the forefront of high-technology residential buildings, a new trend strata councils are taking to meet the network demands of the future decade.

AEBC is working in partnership with Qnet to provide Fiber Optic services to residential buildings and commercial complexes across the city of Coquitlam, positioning Coquitlam at the forefront of modern connected communities.  AEBC offers both Fiber Optic internet connectivity to residential and commercial buildings, and next generation services such as IPTV and VOIP that utilize the advanced Fiber Optic networks.

About AEBC

AEBC Internet Corporation has been providing communication infrastructure and commercial network access for internet, phone and television for over a decade.  AEBC has traditionally provided wholesale internet and TV service in Western Canada for over 35 private ISP’s and reseller agents. AEBC’s fiber optic network enables the delivery of improved high-speed internet, telephone and HD TV services, and provides a foundation for new and emerging content services and devices, such as the CipherTV Bar.  AEBC is connecting the future. For more information visit

About QNet

QNet is a self-sustaining municipal corporation, wholly-owned by the City of Coquitlam, and financed through fibre leasing revenue. For more information visit

About Obelisk

Obelisk is a residential building situated in Coquitlam’s City Center.  It is a 35-storey high-rise condo building built in 2008 with 282 units featuring well-designed floor plans, multi-purpose entertainment lounge, media center, exercise center, garden terrace and sauna. Maintenance fees include caretaker, garbage pickup, gardening, hot water, and management and recreation facility.


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