10th Annual British Columbia Broadband Exhibition and Conference

Vancouver, Canada, March 25th, 2014 – The British Columbia Broadband Association or BCBA is having its annual conference from April 8 to 9, 2014. The conference will be an event for Internet Service Provider (ISP) across British Columbia to meet, discuss industry trends, regulations and introduce to the latest technologies. This year’s conference is themed around ‘IPTV and the Future of the Internet’ with AEBC invited to present as an IPTV industry professional company.

AEBC Internet Corporation’s VP Sales and Marketing, Mr. Mike Dahlstedt, will conduct a presentation to discuss and present AEBC’s new TV Reseller program for ISP’s to enter the IPTV industry through partnering with AEBC.  AEBC Internet Corporation will also showcase the latest of the next generation Fiber Optic internet service, and IPTV’s latest technology, the CipherTV bar.

About AEBC

AEBC Internet Corporation has been providing communication infrastructure and commercial network access for internet, phone and television for over a decade.  AEBC has traditionally provided wholesale internet and TV service in Western Canada for over 35 private ISP’s and reseller agents. AEBC’s fiber optic network enables the delivery of improved high-speed internet, telephone and HD TV services, and provides a foundation for new and emerging content services and devices, such as the CipherTV Bar.  AEBC is connecting the future. For more information visit http://www.aebc.com.

About British Columbia Broadband Association

The British Columbia Broadband Association (BCBA) is a group of telecommunications service providers, equipment suppliers and infrastructure constructors committed to building and delivering advanced networking services and infrastructure throughout all regions of British Columbia.  For more information visit http://bcba.ca


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